Let's Talk

Living Theology in the Metropolitan Chicago Synod

Volume 3, Number 2
Pentecost 1998
Confessional Renewal Movements

Confessional Renewal Movements In The 1990s
by Wayne R. Cowell and Frank C. Senn

Renewal Movements In The United Methodist Church
by W. Richard Stegner

The 9.5 Theses

The Reception of the 9.5 Theses: An Exchange Of Letters
by Wayne R. Cowell and Louis A. Smith

The Theses, Confessionalism, Me, And My Congregation
by Frank C. Senn

9.5 Concerns For Confessional Renewal
by Jane Kunzie-Brunner

Are We So Right We Can't Be Saved?
by John R. Seraphine

Letters To The Editor